Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pureza Oliveira - Studio and Works

"studio cleaned - to start a project" ... pureza

"as the project went on the studio came back to its natural disorder" ... pureza

the light trough the glass bulb vase as seen, realized
and captured on camera by Pureza

Pureza with a finished project

"Photograph of a small glass container where I was mixing some paint today: Those are the things I get lost into, all this accidental beauty ; I am not a photographer so this is just a document of that small moment before I mixed the paint and it all got completly black." ...pureza

Living quietly, and working diligently in a small village near Lisbon in Portugal, is an artist who I consider to be one of the finest practitioners of modern art in our time. I am proud to know her, and proud to give you a glimpse into her studio and to see a little through Pureza's eyes.